4 Benefits of Weight-Lifting

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Lifting weights can positively affect the body in many ways. Overall health, fitness, and self image can be improved along with other, more notable benefits.

Here are some weight-lifting benefits you can expect:

1. Build stronger muscles. When a person lifts weights, essentially the muscles are being strained, torn, and broken down. After this happens, the body repairs the muscles while also adding density to them, making them larger and thus stronger. Stronger muscles help to counter injury, keep joints working well, and improve balance. Bones also benefit from stronger and larger muscles. The extra mass around the bones can cushion them from impact.

2. Slim the body. When the body caries more muscle mass, it has to burn more calories to maintain that mass. The body burns more calories per pound of muscle compared to each pound of fat. Even at rest a person’s body who has more muscle mass than fat mass will burn more calories. For example, some studies show that one pound of muscle burns 5-6 calories per day at rest compared to 2 calories burned a day by a pound of fat. Though it doesn’t seem like much, muscle mass throughout the body can really ramp up calorie usage.

3. Give better posture. Abdominal, back, hip, and leg muscles all work together to keep the body in correct posture. Strengthening the core muscles will improve the body’s stance. This happens because poor posture is caused by an imbalance in muscles. To clarify, having a hunched back is often caused by tight chest muscles with weak upper back muscles. To avoid this possible posture problem, one could lift weights using a cable machine and face pulls to strengthen the upper back muscles and balance out the chest.

4. Strengthen bones. When lifting weights, muscles put stress on the skeletal structure. Bones are both compressed and pulled when muscles are being built. This stress added to the bones can cause damage much like the tearing muscles sustain when lifting. Microscopic cracks develop in the bones, and within a few days, the body works to repair the tiny damages. The repairs made by the body adds more bone, thus increasing the density. Bone density is important because the older a body gets, the more the bones wear down. This loss of bone density and wearing is the main culprit in brittle and easily broken bones.