Treadmill vs. Elliptical: Which is Better?

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When you’re at the gym and you see some people going for the cardio machines, can you guess which ones they’re going to use?

You’ll noticed that most people opt for either the treadmill or the elliptical. In this article, we’ll talk about several notable advantages that the elliptical has over the treadmill.

Although both machines are intended to make you sweat and burn fat, there’s one huge advantage that the elliptical holds over the treadmill: less stress on the joints.

When you’re giving it your all on the treadmill and your feet are pounding away on the machine, your joints get stressed. The pressure of taking step after step with all your weight bearing down on one leg at a time can do some damage – especially over the long term.

On an elliptical, however, you’re never really forced to place an excess amount of weight on your joints; you’re never actually lifting your legs off the ground then stomping them back down. The smooth circular movement of the elliptical forces you to use all of your leg muscles while keeping the pressure off of your knees. By using this machine, you can be sweating just as much as you would be on a treadmill — with none of the damage that running can do.

Another advantage of the elliptical is that it incorporates upper body muscles. While you’re working out your lower body, you’re also working out muscles like your shoulders and arms. This comprehensive attack on your muscles results in a more effective workout. If you have a home gym, there are ellipticals in all sizes to fit in the tightest of spaces.

If you want to see some serious fat loss, all while making sure your joints stay healthy and damage free, choose the elliptical next time you feel like putting some cardio time into your workout.

That’s not to say that the treadmill is a poor choice; regular exercise is a crucial component of a healthy life, so getting some done in one way or another is preferable to not working out at all.