3 Simple Exercises for Building Muscle

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All exercises work their muscles and do their part to add to an overall aesthetic. A lot of exercises are very precise,and only work one muscle. The problem with this is that it can tire you out and cause you to end your routine early due to exhaustion.

Some exercises work out certain muscle groups and allow for even muscle building across the board. The following exercises work broad groups of muscles, and the sets can be combined any way depending on personal needs and goals. They can be done with heavy or light weight, low reps or high reps.

One example of this could be to do one set of heavy weight, where you can only reach eight repetitions and then two sets with a weight where you can reach 15 or more. Think of the first set as growing the muscle, and the last two as shaping it.

1. Bench Press: Bench pressing is the most commonly seen exercise in the gym. It seem that everyone who goes to the gym is going there to at least do one set of this exercise. The reason for this is that it really is  a great exercis, and targets a large muscle group. The full motion — controlling the down movement, then pushing back up — works out the triceps, the pectorals and the shoulders.

Movement: Extend your arms over your chest, never locking your elbows. Make sure your grip is strong and hands are a comfortable length apart; a little wider than shoulder seems to work best. Bring the weight down, controlling it the whole way. Do not hyperextend. Once your arms are at a 90 degree angle push back up until your arms are extended but elbows are not locked, and repeat.

2. Seated row: This is a very simple exercise, which works out another large group of muscles, including the lats, rhomboids, biceps, and posterior delts. The key to this exercise is keeping your back arched so that you’re comfortable and you don’t hurt yourself when pulling. This combined with the bench press gives you a dynamic upper body workout, and allow both front and back muscles to grow at the same right.

Movement: Sit with legs extended but knees are not locked. Grab the handles, shoulder width apart, and arch your back. While your back is arched, pull the handle towards you slowly and release it slowly and controlled.

3. 45-degree seated leg press: This machine is available at most gyms and is used by everyone on leg day. Another exercise that targets a large group, this will work out your whole lower body. Lower body strength is needed to support the upper body, especially when building up the heavy muscle on the chest and back. If your legs are not strong enough to carry your upper body, you can have serious problems with the nerves in your legs.

Movement: Sit with your back against the seat and your legs about shoulder width apart. Push up to release the stops. When ready, lower the plates until your legs are at 90 degrees. Extend your legs back up, but never lock your knees.