Exercise Mistakes to Avoid

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1. Working out too long: Often, one will get in the gym and lift weights and do cardio for two hours. This is a mistake as the body cannot take this much stress. Ideally, when going for a workout, one should be in and out in less than one hour. This will enable a person to get an intense workout without overdoing it and missing out on gains.

2. Using bad form: When lifting heavy weights, it is crucial to have the right form. When using a bad from in a lift, one can hurt their gains. Furthermore, with poor form, a person can suffer a serious injury that leaves them injured for a long time. To avoid bad form, one should opt to hire a trainer or watch videos online as this is extremely important to get right the first time.

3. No rest between sets: It is wise to rest a couple of minutes between exercises. Not only will this prevent injuries and fatigue, but it will allow a lifter to get more out of the experience. To understand this, one should watch serious weightlifters in the gym who often take a minute or two break between lifts.

4. Targeting only one muscle: A lot of men are guilty of this mistake. When doing to the gym, some people will only work out their biceps or chest. This is a serious mistake and will lead to overuse injuries. Other times, one will not get injured, but they will look foolish. Instead, when going out for a workout, one should try to get a full body workout. This should include shoulders, arms, legs, back and core. Otherwise, one will never get the gains they want.

5. Exercising too often: A person should not go to the gym every day. If one does, they are likely to miss gains and may even suffer a serious injury. Remember, days off on the couch are just as important as days in the gym.

It is wise to avoid making common exercise mistakes when going to the gym. To understand what works and what does not work, a person should ask serious gym-goers for advice as they are, usually, more than willing to offer their opinion or a helping hand.