Is it OK to use Oral ED Medications “Recreationally?”

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Oral ED medications are not “recreational drugs,” and should only be used as prescribed!

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last decade or so, you have no doubt heard of the popular oral medications to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) – Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and the more recently introduced, Stendra.

ED Medications and Recreational useThese medications have proven to significantly help men suffering from ED. They have also prompted many men, who may not really have an ED problem, to wonder if they should try them, just for “improved performance.”

But, is “recreational use” of these oral medications a good idea? Probably not, and for several reasons.

ED Medications and  Your Health

Like any prescription drug, oral ED medications are prescribed by a physician only if there is a “medical need.
You would not consider taking insulin if you were not a diabetic, nor would your doctor prescribe it to you. The same logic applies to ED drugs.

Because of the popularity of these medications, there are those interested in using them, who will obtain them without a legitimate prescription – such as through an online pharmacy.

There are several health risks to taking ED drugs that have not been properly prescribed to you. First of all, any ED drug you get online without a prescription could be counterfeit. At best, that means you may be paying for nothing more than a blue-colored sugar pill that will not work, or at worst, something with unknown and potentially harmful ingredients.

Beyond that, doctors prescribe ED medications with care. They are aware of potential serious side-effects due to interactions with other drugs you may be taking, or due to underlying medical conditions.

ED medicationsDid you know there are some men that should not take these medications at all?

If you are one of them, and obtain Viagra for example, without a prescription, you could be in for potentially fatal consequences!

And finally, there was a psychological study published in 2003 that found that men who used oral ED drugs “recreationally,” became dependent on them, similar to opioid addiction.

It seemed the men developed a lack of confidence in their ability to perform sexually without the drugs. So, in effect, these men actually gave themselves ED!

Male Enhancement vs. ED Medications

ED medications vs male enhancementBeyond the men that should just not take Viagra due to their health, or the drug’s side effects, there is also a common misconception about these drugs and how they work. Viagra and related oral ED medications can and do help a man achieve an erection, but they do nothing to increase sensitivity, increase sexual satisfaction, or increase the size of your penis.

This is why I believe that simply returning a man’s ability to obtain an erection should not be considered a “cure-all” for male sexual wellness issues.

Just being able to perform more often, does not necessarily mean you are engaging in better, or more satisfying sex. True “Male Enhancement” is a continuum of care that provides more than improved erectile function.

In our practice we offer men two alternative ED treatments that also provide what I like to call “medical male enhancement.” One is our proprietary Gains Enhancement ®. We introduced the Gains Enhancement® several years ago.

Since then we have helped thousands of men of all ages to have their best sex lives ever.

The Gains Enhancement® uses your own blood to give you bigger, stronger and more sustainable erections. And, the growth factors and specialized healing proteins in the Gains Enhancement®, not only improve your ability to get an erection, they can actually lengthen your penis!

More recently we introduced the GAINSwave™. The GAINSwave is a very new procedure. In fact, you are unlikely to find any other practitioners in your area providing this remarkable shockwave therapy for ED. Blood vessels in your penis break down over time. The GainsWAVE uses pulsed energy waves to open up old blood vessels, and to stimulate the formation of new vessels.

The resulting improved blood flow, helps any man, and not just those with ED, to get better, longer lasting erections.

Forget about oral ED drugs. Contact our offices today to see if one of these remarkable treatments can give you the safe and effective male enhancement you have been looking for!