New Research on Exercise and Erectile Dysfunction

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New research suggests that yoga may help prevent erectile dysfunction.

I have often been asked “is there a simple exercise that can improve sexual performance?” By its very nature, almost any kind of exercise, by way of improving strength and stamina, can also have a positive effect in the bedroom. But, if you are looking for one exercise that really seems to have been “designed” for super sex, you just cannot beat Yoga. Yoga improves breathing, flexibility and body control, all of which can make you a better lover!

Yoga and Preventing Erectile Dysfunction

The researchers say flexibility is one thing, but it is breathing and blood supply that are the keys as to why Yoga is so helpful in improving sexual performance. Yoga increases the supply of oxygenated blood to the brain, as well as to the sexual organs, resulting in deeper and more satisfying orgasms, for both men and women.

While all Yoga positions seem to do this effectively, according to the experts two in particular, Shavasana (corpse) and Vajrasana (kneeling), seem to do the most to improve sexual performance.

According to the Yogi Masters, the “Shavasana” position puts you in a state of rejuvenation, reduces stress, anxiety and blood pressure. The “Vajrasana” position increases your strength and stamina, all of which have a positive impact on sexual performance.

The Masters also suggest that there are certain positions that improve the production and metabolism of testosterone in men, and can help to alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Kegels - yoga position that can also improve sexual performance

Like other exercises such as Pilates and Kegels, there are Yoga positions that can also strengthen the pelvic muscles, and therefore improve sexual performance, in both men and women.

Yoga also teaches the practitioner control and greater body awareness, which can improve sexual performance, particularly in men who may be experiencing problems with premature ejaculation, or PE.

Other ways to Prevent ED and Improve Sexual Wellness

Regular exercise in general, and Yoga specifically, can help improve sexual wellness. Beyond that, taking the same kinds of steps to improve your overall health, can also improve your sex-life. These can include:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Reducing Stress
  • Reducing your consumption of alcohol
  • Smoking cessation
  • Eating a Mediterranean style diet, reducing inflammatory foods

If you do all of these things, and you still think you need a little bedroom boost, you may be a candidate for some of the latest, non-invasive, drug free treatments for erectile dysfunction. We are using two such treatments in our HealthGAINS locations nationwide. They are known as the Gains Enhancement® and the GAINSWave™.

ED DrugsWe first introduced the Gains Enhancement® several years ago. Since then we have helped thousands of men of all ages to have their best sex lives ever. The Gains Enhancement® is a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment for ED. That means it uses your own blood to give you bigger, stronger and more sustainable erections. And, the growth factors and specialized healing proteins in the Gains Enhancement®, not only improve your ability to get an erection, they can actually lengthen your penis!

More recently, we introduced the GAINSwave™. Technology similar to the GAINSwave™ has been used successfully in Europe for decades. However, it is very new to the U.S. In fact, we are the only ones in your area currently offering this medically proven male enhancement procedure.

Erectile Dysfunction - GAINSWaveBlood vessels in your penis break down over time. This is the most common cause of age-related ED. The GAINSWave™ uses high frequency acoustical waves to open up old blood vessels, and to stimulate the formation of new vessels. The resulting improved blood flow, helps any man, and not just those with ED, to obtain stronger and more sustainable erections.

Unlike the shockwave therapy for ED used in Europe, which can be painful, the acoustical waves of the GAINSWave™ are practically painless. The GAINSwave is the only acoustical wave device approved by the FDA for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

These two procedures are also what we call “synergistic,” meaning that each one enhances the effect of the other. When we combine the two therapies together, we deliver a “one-two punch,” that results in a more powerful penis!

Interestingly enough, the main reason why the GAINSWave™ and the Gains Enhancement® work so well, is because they both safely and effectively improve blood flow to the genitalia, which is also the primary reason researchers say that Yoga improves performance!