The Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Gum Disease

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Did you know that gum disease could cause erectile dysfunction (ED)? There’s a link between gum disease, or gingivitis, and erectile dysfunction (ED).

A recent study found that men with gum diseases were 80% more likely to also have ED, as men with healthy gums and teeth.

But how does gum disease cause erectile dysfunction? What is the link between ED and unhealthy gums and teeth?

Erectile Dysfunction and gum diseaseErectile Dysfunction and Gum Disease

Gum disease causes your gums to recede from your teeth. This leaves big open spaces between your gums and teeth. Bacteria can easily enter these spaces, especially if you have poor oral hygiene.

Once the bacteria enter your blood stream, they damage blood vessels, including those in your penis.  Blood flow is restricted in the damaged vessels. Good blood flow is essential to getting and maintaining an erection.

The same damage could be effecting your heart. So, if you have bad gums, and ED, this can be an early warning sign of cardiovascular diseases.

Treatments That Can Help Erectile Dysfunction

If your gum disease is caught early, and it is the cause of your ED, taking better care of your mouth and gums could help. A few good deep cleanings from your dentist could reverse the damage of gum disease. In more severe cases, dental surgery to rebuild the bone beneath the gums may be necessary.

Even if you repair the damage to your gums, or even if you do not have a problem with gum disease, the key to proper erectile function is good blood flow and circulation.

Oral ED drugs such as Viagra, basically work by improving blood flow to the penis. But such drugs are not recommended for all men. Oral ED drugs also have many side effects, and there are men who just do not like the idea of having to take a pill for sex.

erectile dysfunction treatmentsDid you know that there is an all-natural drug free treatment that can cure ED?

It is called the Gains Enhancement®. Like oral ED drugs, the Gains Enhancement® ; improves blood flow to the penis, improving your ability to get an erection. But, unlike those drugs, the Gains Enhancement® does so using your own blood!

The secret is something called Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. PRP is very safe and effective because it is made from your own blood cells.

PRP is created by taking a small sample of your blood, about the same as a typical blood test. Using a centrifugal process, the red blood cells and white blood cells are removed. What is left behind is a liquid that is filled with platelets and healing factors. This super-healing solution is PRP. The PRP that is concentrated with stem cells and other growth factors, is then combined with other all natural ingredients in our Trademarked process to create the Gains Enhancement®.

When the Gains Enhancement® is painlessly injected, these amazing healing factors immediately stimulate increased blood flow to your penis.

The PRP and other ingredients in the Gains Enhancement® also cause a reaction that stimulates the growth of new cells and rejuvenates existing erectile tissue. Because of these two effects – improved blood flow, and growth of new tissue — the Gains Enhancement® is not only for men with gum disease!

Any man experiencing erectile dysfunction who is looking for an alternative erectile dysfunction treatment, or who has been disappointed by his results from oral ED drugs, can benefit from the Gains Enhancement.

There is also an “added bonus” to the Enhancement. Since it stimulates improved blood flow and the regrowth tissue, it is one of the only pain free, non-surgical ED treatment that can also increase the length and width of your penis!


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