How The Nervous System Controls ED

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The erectile response is one of the more complicated multi-step cascades that occur in the body.

It requires multiple steps to achieve the desired result, each of which requires its own set of receptors, chemicals, and stimuli. Increased blood flow causes erections to the groin area that is then maintained by pelvic floor muscles and nerve responses.

For it to work as designed, the body must have a well functioning nervous response, healthy arteries, and also be psychologically well and confident.

It is easy for any one of these factors to be compromised, and is a big reason why ED is so prominent in our modern society. At the center of the entire process is the initial nervous system response.

How Does the Nervous System Work?

There are two primary sides of the nervous system. One that helps to trigger “fight or flight,” and the other that activates “rest and digest” functions.

These systems help to maintain homeostasis in the body and can help prime the body for the tasks at hand. Initially, these systems were developed by early man to better ensure survival and reproduction. In modern times, it is often the confusion of stress and action as well as rest and relax that throws off the nervous response related to an erection.

The Sympathetic Nervous System Reaction

The sympathetic nervous system is what is activated when you become stressed and are potentially in danger.

Nowadays, this reaction is triggered whenever you become stressed by an event, and it causes blood flow to be diverted away from organs and pushed to muscles for action.

The sympathetic nervous system generates the emergency response by increasing heart rate, constricting blood vessels, sweating, getting goosebumps, dilating pupils, dilating bronchial passages, and increasing breathing and blood pressure. When the sympathetic nervous system is functioning, the non-emergency functions, such as digestion and sexual arousal are lessened. This includes blood being diverted away from the penis.

The Parasympathetic Reaction

Contrary to the action of the sympathetic system, the parasympathetic nervous system causes the body to rest and helps divert blood back to vital organs and the digestive system.

During sexual arousal, impulses are sent from the parasympathetic nervous system causing erectile tissue to dilate, and blood flow to increase substantially. In addition, it is also part of the nervous response that triggers an erection during sensual encounters. This reaction is meant to calm the body and trigger processes that can occur while at rest such as digestion, healing, and also erection.

If you experience ED, it is likely you have associated stress or anxiety related to sexual activity. As a result of this, your body is activating both of these systems simultaneously. Most of the time, at the beginning of a sexual encounter you will experience parasympathetic activation. But, as soon as you begin to become stressed or nervous about ED, the sympathetic reaction can kick in and make it difficult to maintain an erection.

How To Reverse The Cycle

How To Reverse The Cycle

If you feel like ED and sex-related stress is beginning to become a vicious cycle, do not depend on one-time solutions such as Viagra. Trust ED treatments that diagnose and treat the main problem: decreased blood flow.

Revolutionary new therapies such as GAINSWave are helping men reverse the symptoms of ED and become more sexually able and confident than ever before.

In combination with a healthy diet, exercise, and sexual therapy, GAINSWave® can be the missing piece that helps increase your size, stamina, and, performance. Contact one of our Wellness Advisers today and take back control of your sexual health.