Your Erectile Dysfunction May Have an Emotional Cause

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Some new research out of Europe seems to suggest that Erectile Dysfunction (ED) could be linked to the kind of relationship a man had with his mother, and other emotional issues.

The Study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, indicated that difficult or strained relationship with your mother as a boy, could lead to problems in the bedroom as a man.

The study which set out to determine whether a man’s emotional state as a child and/or adolescent influenced their sexual wellness as an adult, also found that men who had difficulty in expressing their love for a partner early in life, also had a greater incidence of ED.

Based on the correlation between men with “mommy issues” and a history of not being able to use the “L” word until later in life with current poor sexual functionality, the researchers believe this suggests “enduring conflict regarding sexuality and/or intimacy,” can lead to ED.

This is not the first such study that seems to indicate that if a young man has emotional issues, this can manifest as physical problems such as ED, later in life.

Other Causes For ED

Erectile Dysfunction can be physical or psychologicalThis current study does not provide any definitive proof that emotions can cause ED. But, it is another that suggests there are many psychological or emotional factors for men, as well as women, that can and do effect intimacy.

Stress in particular is known to affect your performance in the bedroom.

However, if you are experiencing ED or any sexual wellness issue, you should never assume it is “all in your head.” ED can be caused by any number of physical conditions from low hormone levels to certain disease conditions, such as diabetes, or high-blood pressure.

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Regardless of the root cause of your erectile difficulties, the good news is we are now living in a time where we have unprecedented options to treat men with ED.

Of course, there are the well-known oral ED medicationsCialis, Viagra and Levitra. While these can be effective they are not without side-effects, nor are they indicated for use in all men.

Beyond that there is TriMix injections, surgical procedures, hormone replacement and breakthrough new treatments that involve Platelet Rich Plasma.

In my practice we take a more holistic approach to sexual wellness. I will work with you to determine the root cause of your problems in the bedroom. Together we will explore both the psychological, and the physical reasons why you may be experiencing performance issues, or a diminished sex drive.

Then, we can prescribe oral ED medications if they are indicated, and also talk about the alternative treatments that could be more suited to you and your lifestyle.Treat Erectile Dysfunction with Oral ED Medication

Maybe ED isn’t even your problem. Some men confuse ED with a desire for “male enhancement.” There is no correlation between the size of your penis and your ability to obtain an erection, however some men who believe they are “too small” may experience performance anxiety – another “psychological” factor that can lead to ED.

For such men I offer my own proprietary Gains Enhancement, an all-natural, PRP procedure that uses the healing factors in your own blood. It is the only ED treatment that has been shown to improve your ability to obtain an erection as well as increase penis size.

Current estimates are that as many as 20 million men in America suffer from some form of ED. If you are one of them, there is no reason to suffer in silence, or refuse to seek treatment – help is available.

Have you tried any ED treatments? Were you happy with the results?

Would you be interested in an all-natural safe and effective alternative to Viagra and other oral ED drugs?

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