A Startling Fact About Erectile Dysfunction and PTSD

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Current research suggests that men with PTSD are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction, and particularly erectile dysfunction (ED), is not technically a symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, the latest research indicates a strong link between the two. After trauma serious enough to cause PTSD, both men and women have reported experiencing sexual wellness issues.

Erectile Dysfunction and PTSDA study recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that post-traumatic stress, can lead to the kinds of cognitive and biological impairment that can impact sexual performance.

People with PTSD typically have issues with trust. They find it very difficult to connect with other people. They also typically can have trouble going out in public, or being in social situations. PTSD victims have trouble feeling safe, and they could associate sexual attraction with a threat. It is not too hard to see how all of these issues can have an impact on your sex life if you have PTSD.

The researchers found that sexual difficulties were common among people with PTSD, regardless of age, gender, or the type of trauma experienced by the victim.

PTSD, Veterans and Erectile Dysfunction

PTSD can happen to anyone who has experienced a severe trauma, for example, such as a crime victim. But, the condition used to be called “combat fatigue” or “shell-shock,” because most of what we know about PTSD has come from soldiers who have experienced the horrors of warfare.

Veterans returning from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan have a disproportionate percentage of problems with ED when compared to other men their age – as high as 90%! This speaks volumes to the link between PTSD and sexual dysfunction.

This association goes back beyond recent veterans. In studies, 80% of Vietnam War veterans diagnosed with PTSD, also had ED.

The Latest Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

The Latest Erectile Dysfunction TreatmentsOf course, if PTSD is the underlying problem causing sexual dysfunction, it stands to reason, that relieving the symptoms of PTSD should also alleviate the trouble in the bedroom.

However, PTSD is a very complex psychological condition. It can take years of therapy and/or medication to relieve the symptoms. That is why even those with some form of PTSD, could benefit from sexual wellness treatments, independent of treatment for PTSD. The pentagon has researched this and has spent millions of dollars on providing Viagra and other prescription medications to treat ED in returning soldiers.

But, oral ED medications may not be the best choice for those with PTSD and ED. Veterans, and others suffering from PTSD, may be taking anti-depressants and other medications, that not only could contribute to ED, they may interfere with oral ED drugs.

For men with ED and PTSD, some of the newer, alternative treatments for ED, may be a better alternative than typical oral ED medications. One is our proprietary Gains Enhancement ®. We introduced the Gains Enhancement® several years ago.

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