I Have ED: What Are The Best ED Treatment Options in 2018

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If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it may seem like an endless search through all kinds of treatments and products that all promise you big results. From pills and creams to supplements and devices, there are hundreds of treatment options that all claim to help you conquer this debilitating and self-confidence destroying condition.

Thankfully, recent research findings and advances in technology have led the ED treatment options to be better and more effective than ever.

There are now options and wholesome treatment plans that can help guide you to better sexual health, and not simply provide you with a band-aid solution. This article is designed to help you skip a headache and find your ideal treatment option.

Common ED Treatment Options

The most widely used erectile dysfunction treatments are pills such as Viagra and Cialis. These medications use chemicals that suppress PDE-5, a natural substance that inhibits erections in the body. When Viagra is taken, the active ingredient sildenafil citrate stifles PDE-5 and allows for more nitric oxide to dilate the blood vessels and supply the penis with blood.

The problem with this method of treatment is that it only works one time, and does not result in the healing or correction of the underlying cause of symptoms. In addition, your body can become reliant on these chemicals to achieve an erection with regular use.

Rather than rely on these chemicals, it is a better choice to put into practice better health routines. Exercise and diet were found to decrease the incidence and symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men 40 and over by nearly 30%. By simply adopting a regular exercise routine and eating a more balanced diet, you can begin to combat the effects of erectile dysfunction permanently.

Diet and exercise, in combination with a modern treatment option such as GAINSWave® therapy, are among the easiest ways to take control of your sexual health.

What is GAINSWave?

gainswaveGAINSWave treatment is one of the newest and most popular erectile dysfunction therapy that is sweeping the nation.

It uses pulsed acoustic waves, known in Europe as shockwave therapy, to address the cause of vasculogenic ED in men – decreased and insufficient blood flow.

Beginning in the early 90’s, researchers discovered that using therapeutic, ultrasound wave technology encourages angiogenesis, or the formation of new blood vessels when searching for treatments for coronary artery and heart diseases.

GAINSWave® produces healthier, fuller, and more sustained erections for men with and without erectile dysfunction using this proven method.

This therapy has been shown to provide results for up to two years and over time has been proven to increase overall blood flow to the penis, size, and even stamina.

Any man that is concerned with his sexual health can experience the long-term benefits of GAINSWave®. Whether you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or are just looking to improve your performance in the bedroom, GAINSWave treatment offers a solution that can lead to longer-lasting erections and improved overall sexual function.

As a great alternative to Viagra and for those who have not found relief in conventional treatments, the acoustic wave therapy can help men achieve longer, stronger, and more resilient erections.

Rather than depend on outdated treatment options, trust modern medicine and GAINSWave to correct the cause of the problem at its root.