Difference Between Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction

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Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are two commonly used terms that men use to describe sexual dysfunction they may be experiencing.

Premature ejaculation, most commonly, involves more psychological factors such as anxiety and chronic masturbation, while ED has more physiologic causes.

While these conditions both involve difficulty having intercourse, they are unique.

It is important to understand the difference in order to address the problem accordingly.

Sexual dysfunction will affect one in every three men at some point in their lives. In order to properly address the problem, it is important to understand the difference between having a medically-induced case of erectile dysfunction or a more common case of premature ejaculation. While the difference is slight, one may be cured by simple means while the other may require more thorough diagnosis and treatment.

Premature ejaculation may be a result of anxiety, nerves, or other underlying psychological causes.

Erectile dysfunction, on the other hand, may be remedied through revolutionary new treatments such as GAINSWave soundwave therapy. In order to better understand this difference, it is easier to first understand what common issues cause sexual dysfunction.

What Causes Sexual Dysfunction?

What Causes Sexual DysfunctionSexual dysfunction can have many different faces, both from a physical and mental standpoint.

One of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction is anxiety and other psychological barriers that may be preventing you from engaging in intercourse.

Normal erections occur due to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, triggering chemicals throughout the body that increase blood pressure and heart rate. This process increases the amount of available blood to support your erection.

When sexual anxiety is present, the parasympathetic nervous system is also activated. This action is supposed to suppress the various stimulations that the sympathetic nervous system is supposed to be activating. This includes decreased heart rate and diversion of blood flow to the stomach rather than peripheral organs.

All forms of sexual dysfunction involve hindering the body’s ability to provide blood flow to the penis.

Erectile Dysfunction vs. Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is hard to differentiate from ED. Erectile dysfunction is a broader condition that is caused by a combination of poor health factors that are leading to restricted blood flow.

Premature ejaculation is simply the inability to last longer than a 1-3 minutes in bed. Premature ejaculation is commonly diagnosed as a psychological condition as a result of either overly frequent masturbation or a tight pelvic floor. Talking to a sex therapist as well as engaging in pelvic floor exercises are some of the most efficient ways of handling premature ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction, on the other hand, can have much more complex causes. While similar to premature ejaculation, ED can be characterized as both being unable to have normal sexual stamina as well as being unable to achieve an erection in the first place. Any health factor that contributes to decreased blood flow or neural stimulation can cause ED.

Diabetes, heart diseases, atherosclerosis, and other conditions in combination with a naturally decreasing amount of hormones as we age can all contribute to having more difficulty achieving an erection.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

For men who are experiencing either one of these conditions, the most common treatment is Viagra.

This pill has been shown to be effective in about 70% of men, only lasts once per use, and does not provide a permanent solution to the problem.

Since the “little blue pill” has to be taken an hour before sex, this also takes the spontaneity out of making love.

Surgery is another common mean to improve blood flow and girth to the penis in attempt to increase confidence and sexual ability. Many men find this route much too invasive and risky.

Gainswave provider miami aventura flFortunately, there is now an all-encompassing sexual treatment for men called GAINSWave.

This therapy uses acoustic sound waves to improve blood flow volume, stamina, and sensation to men of any age.

This technology was initially used by heart surgeons to increase blood flow to the heart and combat the many forms of heart disease and their causes. Now, this technology is used to help those experiencing any form of sexual dysfunction. GAINSWave therapy has been shown to increase all aspects of your sex life, whether you are struggling with stamina or achieving an erection in the first place.

Contact HealthGAINS today to begin to discuss your unique case, and let us begin to individually tailor a treatment plan that will help you become more sexually healthy than ever before.

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