Can Anxiety Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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Anxiety can affect a large percentage of those who engage in sexual intercourse, and this results in far reaching effects that can cause a variety of side effects.

Put simply, anxiety causes blood flow to become restricted and makes it much harder to enjoy sexual sensation and maintain an erection due to this fact.

Erectile dysfunction

Anxiety can absolutely cause erectile dysfunction, and understanding this is what is causing your sexual frustrations is the first step to successful treatment.

GAINSWave ED treatment can help to make it easier to maintain an erection and last during sex, and it also increases the sensations associated.

While it cannot cure your anxiety, it can help you to conquer them by making you feel more confident about your sexual ability.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that affects about 18 million American men over the age of 20 at some point in their lives. In fact, some studies suggest the actual number is closer to 30 million.

As you age, your risk for erectile dysfunctionin creases. Even with gradually declining levels of testosterone, having trouble maintaining an erection isn’t always related to age. Many men will experience ED at some point in their lives regardless of declining levels of testosterone or other blood-flow restricting conditions. The good news is that the cause of your erectile dysfunction can usually be identified, and acoustic soundwave therapy can be help to stimulate the conditions necessary for a proper erection.

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be both psychological and physical. The success of treatment for physical causes depends on your condition. Studies have consistently shown that psychological factors are the most common cause of erectile dysfunction, despite the common belief that age alone is the most common contributor. Psychological causes, such as hormonal imbalances, are usually curable. This includes stress and anxiety.

Along with exercise and a healthy diet, treating your ED with GAINSWave acoustic soundwave therapy can help you to conquer your anxiety and be more sexually confident.

Increased stress and anxiety can also increase your risk for other conditions that may cause ED, such as:

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Obesity
  • Excessive alcohol consumption

The Effects Of Anxiety

In order to understand how anxiety affects your ability to obtain and maintain an erection, it is important to understand what bodily mechanisms contribute to a healthy erectile reaction. There are three main mechanisms by which an erection can occur:

  1. reflexive (due to physical stimulation),
  2. psychogenic (due to visual or mental associations),
  3. and nocturnal (during sleep).

In order for an erection to be properly stimulated, the path from neural stimulation to physical reaction needs to be uninterrupted. In those with chronic anxiety and stress or those with performance anxiety, the messages sent by the brain from neurons is altered.

Instead of relaxed blood vessels and a comfortable and sensual experience, anxiety caused blood vessel restriction, trembling, and reduced sensation. All of these processes, especially the restriction of blood flow, take away from your body’s ability to maintain the blood flow and signalling required to trigger and maintain a healthy erection.

Stress and anxiety about erectile dysfunction can also contribute to a cycle of ongoing problems due to increased anxiety with each negative experience.

Experiencing this repeatedly can lead to a predisposition to immediately thinking about your ED, triggering an anxious response. The reasons for ED vary per age group, but generally follow:

The Effects Of Anxiety

  • Psychological ED (mainly nervousness and anxiety) affects about 90 percent of teenagers and young men. These events can be short lived until a healthy sexual relationship is developed.
  • Personal and professional stress, such as relationship troubles, are the main reason for erectile dysfunction in middle-aged men.
  • Physical impotence is the most common cause for older men due to health concerns, but the loss of a longtime partner as well as loneliness can also cause psychological stress and associated erectile dysfunction.

Overall, anxiety about sex, no matter the cause, is a troublesome psychological side effect that leads to real physical symptoms that take away your body’s ability to maintain an erection and enjoy sex. If anxiety is hindering your ability to perform sexually, HealthGAINS offers nonsurgical and drug-free treatment that can increase your ability to obtain and maintain an erection as well as your overall stamina and the sensations associated.

With GAINSWave proven acoustic wave therapy treatments, you can improve your confidence in the bedroom and rid yourself of any self-limiting anxiety issues.