Artist Creates Show to Educate on ED Symptoms

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You may not think that erectile dysfunction, or ED, would be the subject of an art exhibit. However, it is that very thinking that UK based artist Sue Williams wants to change. Men with ED symptoms often hide in the shadows. Her exhibit, “The Throb,” was created specifically to shed some light on this very common problem.

The “multi-platform” art project has been five years in the making. Williams says her art is a way of breaking down barriers.

One of those barriers is sexual dysfunction, a subject important to a relationship, but that men are often embarrassed to talk about.

The exhibit which opened this month in Wales features work from various artists. Williams also collaborated with longtime friend and medical doctor, Dr Nick Ossei-Gerning for the more educational and anatomical aspects of the exhibit. Her goal was to create a space where men and women could get “comfortable about the penis,” and learn more about how it functions.

She said Dr. Gerning deals with the physical aspects of erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, her artwork deals with the emotional side of those dealing with ED symptoms.  But, since “Nick is a cardiologist, we both deal with the connection between the heart and the penis.”

ED Symptoms and Circulation

Williams is right about one thing — there is definitely a direct connection between ED symptoms  and the heart.

PRP treatment for those with ED symptomsMen with cardiovascular disease are far more likely to experience ED symptoms . Men dealing with ED symptoms are also more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. The link has to do with blood vessels and circulation.

The most common cause of cardiovascular disease is atherosclerosis – or hardening of the arteries. This is a condition when “plaque” or fatty deposits build up on the coronary artery walls. Such blockages can lead to stroke or heart attack. Similarly, in ED, blood flow to the penis is a problem.

The best methods to improve ED symptoms, are those that can increase blood flow to the penis.

Best Treatments for ED Symptoms

Good blood flow to the penis is required to obtain and maintain an erection. Improving blood flow is how oral ED medications such as Viagra work. However, these drugs are not recommended for all men. In fact, men with ED symptoms may already be taking medications for heart disease, such as nitrates. Men who are taking nitrates should not use Viagra, or other oral ED medications.

For such men there is help available. It may not be the star of any art show, but it is a creative and elegant solution. It is called the Gains Enhancement.

The Gains Enhancement is an ideal erectile dysfunction treatment because it improves blood flow, and is 100% drug free.

gains enhancement Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes (ED symptoms)The Gains Enhancement is made from your own blood using platelet rich plasma or PRP. PRP concentrates, stem cells and the healing factors found in your own blood, into a pain free injection.

The stem cells and growth factors in PRP instantly improve blood flow to the penis. They also stimulate the regeneration of erectile tissue. In many cases PRP can reverse the very damage to blood flow that could be caused by heart disease.

The Gains Enhancement injection is made by taking a small sample of your blood, and separating the red and white cells from the stem cells and platelets using a centrifuge.

Any man who is seeking a cure for  their ED symptoms , even those who may have been “let down” by other treatments, can benefit from the Gains Enhancement.

And, there is an added bonus to the Gains Enhancement . It is the only non-surgical treatment  to remove ED symptoms . It can also increase the length and width of your penis!

Have you or anyone you know ever  tried a sexual wellness treatment, what were the results?

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