7 Myths About Erectile Dysfunction Finally Shattered!

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We hear a lot about Erectile Dysfunction (ED) today, but the truth is I would guess that ever since men learned to walk erect, they have been concerned about erections of another sort!

For thousands of years men have tried everything from magic beads to herbs, to modern pharmaceuticals to achieve a little bedroom boost. So as you can imagine, with such an illustrious history of attempting to provide a lift to the love-life, many myths and misconceptions have “arisen” about male enhancement and erectile dysfunction. In no particular order, here are 7 of the most common that I still run across in my practice.

7 Misconceptions About Erectile Dysfunction

could-your-heart-medication-cause-erectile-dysfunction1. Oral ED Medications are the best treatment for everyone – This is still the most common myth I come across. In the age of Viagra and its cousins, men think “the pill” is right for everyone who needs a little help. That is just not true, as there are many causes for ED, there are many solutions, and pills are not the only one, nor the right one for everyone. In fact they can be downright dangerous for some men, such as those with high-blood pressure or those taking nitrates.

2. Tight Underwear – I was surprised to see that this myth persists, but I have seen men that believe “tighty-whities” as opposed to boxers can lead to ED. Not true at all. There is no link between tight underwear and ED. This probably grew out of the real problem that tighter underwear can inhibit sperm production, and lead to infertility, but it has nothing to do with your ability to achieve or maintain an erection.

3. Erectile Dysfunction is normal as you grow older – While it is true that ED is a much more common occurrence as you age, it is not inevitable, and does not always happen simply because you are past a certain age. The opposite of this is also not true, that ED is a condition restricted only to older men. It can and does effect adult men of all ages.

4. It’s all in your head – Despite all we have learned about ED, I still see patients who believe that it is all emotional or psychological. Emotions, stress, the level of attraction, and other psychological factors do effect sexual performance, but true ED almost always has some degree of a physical cause.

Erectile Dysfunction5. Size – Men are obsessed with penis size, and our society does unfortunately equate size to masculinity. While not an ED myth per se, myths about just what is an “average” penis persist. If you want to be bigger, there are techniques that may help, but here are the hard facts: average penis size is between five and six inches, and that’s for an erect penis. For a flaccid member it’s about three and a half inches!

6. There is no cure for ED – In medicine we do not always like to talk about cures, but about management, and ED is a condition that we have many ways to manage, so that you can have as active and healthy a sex life as you desire.

7. If you do not have an active sex life, you can ignore ED – This is not only untrue, it could be dangerous. If you are abstinent by choice, or circumstance, so be it. But, you should never ignore symptoms of ED, as the inability to achieve an erection could be indicative of some other, potentially serious, medical conditions.

The more you know and understand about ED and can separate fact from fiction, the easier it is to speak with your doctor, and find the best ED treatment for your needs and lifestyle.

Most Recent News Research on Erectile Dysfunction


Now that you know the truth about the many ED myths, its time you heard about the latest breakthroughs in ED research and treatments. There is nothing mythological about the real science behind what may soon be a revolution in male enhancement.

Have you ever heard of shockwave treatment for ED? If you live in the US, probably not, because this treatment that has been successfully used for decades in Europe, is only just finding its ways to our shores.

I heard about shockwave treatment for ED, and read the volumes of research in European medical journals about its safety and effectiveness. Myself and my staff spent months of research going through the data, coming to understand the technology, until we could create our own version, which we call the GAINSWave™.

The GAINSWave is a revolutionary treatment for ED and male enhancement. It uses high frequency acoustical waves to open up old blood vessels, and to stimulate the formation of new vessels. You see, the vessels that supply blood to your penis break down or otherwise collapse over time. The mildly pulsating sound waves of the GAINSWave opens up these vessels and also causes new blood vessels to form in a process called neovascularization.

The resulting improved blood flow, helps any man, and not just those with ED, to obtain stronger and more sustainable erections.

The GAINSWave has a 90% success rate for improving sexual performance in men!

Contact our offices today to see if one of these remarkable treatments can give you the bedroom boost you have been looking for!