What are the Symptoms of Andropause?

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“Age is just a number.” Or is it?! All human beings grow old with time and there’s nothing that can be done to change that. However, aging does not necessarily have to be a sad experience. If we learn to embrace our mortality, all men can have a fun time throughout the process of aging.

Andropause or male menopause, as it is also called, is one of the conditions that all men must familiarize themselves with before entering their forties or fifties. The condition occurs at a stage when old age in just around the corner. When hit by andropause, men make the transformation from young adults into old people. Unless men are educated on the condition and are familiar with what can be expected, andropause can be a frightening experience to live with.

Symptoms of Andropause

If you’re entering the stage of andropause, having a fair understanding and the basic knowledge of the symptoms can help you prepare for change. Following are a few of the common andropause symptoms.

Loss of Assertiveness and Aggressiveness

When men begin going into andropause, they start becoming nicer. Regardless of how aggressive the person has been in the past, he will become very passive and nicer with the passing of time. This is one of the most notable symptoms of andropause. Such a change in attitude may not necessarily be beneficial to some men. In fact, several andropausing men suffer from negative effects because they usually use their assertiveness and aggressiveness to perform well in business. A loss of their aggressiveness often makes them feel like they have changed and lost their flair or way of living. When such a feeling occurs within them, depression is often experienced along with a loss of willingness to live.

Decrease in Energy Levels

Andropause symptoms can have an adverse effect on aging men. If you have been an energetic young man for most part of your life, andropause can introduce you to lethargy. Men who suffer from andropause become lazier as they age. Their energy levels drop significantly, especially in athletic men. Prior to andropause, you may have been able to climb mountains, enjoy your time outdoors playing sports, run marathons, and indulge in other activities that extract loads of energy. However, once you’re hit by the condition, you will find it increasingly hard to leave the comfort of your home. Once it sets in, you will be content with the life of a couch potato, watching TV all day long without wanting to do anything else.

Changes in your Sleeping Patterns

Not all men with andropause will experience changes in their sleeping patterns. Changes in the way you sleep often occur when you’re a regular sleeper. If you develop andropause, it can be increasingly difficult to find the right time to sleep. You could fall asleep at 4 a.m. one day, and at 7 pm the next. This symptom is usually frustrating, especially for men who have the obligation to report for duty on a daily basis.

Rapid Changes in Emotions

Emotional changes are a scary symptom for men with andropause. Weird hormonal changes and body chemistry can make a man experience rapid changes in emotions. It doesn’t take too much time for a happy man to turn into a sad one during andropause. Even the most stoic man can cry at being minimally provoked.

Due to these symptoms, it can be very hard for men to embrace old age. The right preparation is essential to ensure that you enjoy yourself throughout the process of growing old.