Have We Discovered an Anti-Aging Pill?

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My colleagues and I in the anti-aging field, have said that the first person to live to 120 years old or more, is already alive today. Metformin is a drug that can help him or her – and maybe even the rest of us – there! Have you heard about Metformin? If you haven’t you likely will very soon.

The FDA has just approved human trials to test Metformin as an anti-aging drug! Metformin has been shown to actually extend the lifespan of animals. It is now going to be tested for the same effects in humans. That is big news! It is the first time that the FDA has approved a clinical trial for a drug that claims to increase lifespan.

I applaud the FDA’ss efforts, but, I also say to them – “It’s about time!” I have been using Metformin for anti-aging purposes for years!

What is Metformin and How Does it relate to Anti-Aging?

Anti-Aging and MetforminMetformin was originally developed and approved to treat diabetes. It has been used successfully to do so. As a treatment for diabetes, Metformin works by repressing glucose production in your liver.

It’s been found that Metformin also increases oxygen uptake by your cells. This keeps your cells younger and healthier. That effect seems to have extended the lives of roundworms in previous studies.

Now the idea is to see if those positive results extend to humans.

I have been working for decades as an anti-aging physician. I base most of my treatments on the understanding of “cellular death,” and the “oxygenation theory” of aging. That is why many of my treatments, including diet, exercise and supplementation are designed to reduce free-radicals and oxygenation. Metformin has been part of that regimen for my qualified patients.

What is oxygenation? Do you know what happens to metal when it is exposed to oxygen for a long time? It rusts and decays. That process is called “oxygenation.” Too much oxygen in the blood, has the same effect on your body. That is what causes us to breakdown and age. This is why you hear so much about “antioxidants,” and living longer and healthier.

It is also why “conventional” medicine is now focusing its attention on Metformin as the first possible “anti-aging” pill.

Anti-Aging With Metformin

Anti-AgingThe same properties that make Metformin a successful treatment for diabetes, also make it an effective treatment for insulin resistance and to aid in weight loss. These same interactions with cells on a molecular level, is what may prove that Metformin is a real “anti-aging” drug.

If Metformin turns out to have the same effect in humans as it has had in other species, it can have far reaching implications.

Metformin has even been shown to decrease cancer and prostate cancer. Perhaps this drug can do the same for Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s that it has done for diabetes!

You do not have to wait for the drawn-out process of clinical trials and FDA approval. That can take years. At HealthGAINS we are seeing patients right now who are benefiting from Metformin.

You may qualify to become one of the many Metformin success stories – today. Contact us to see if this anti-aging treatment is right for you.

Have you or anyone you know tried any “age management” treatments? What were the results?

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