How to Find an Anti-Aging Clinic

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Everyone want to look younger and, best of all, feel younger. Baby boomers have spurred the rise of the anti-aging movement. It’s expected to become a $291 billion industry worldwide by 2015. Consumer demand for hormone replacement  therapy is so strong, a lot of doctors are starting to prescribe testosterone, growth hormone and customized drug compounds to their patients.

Any medical doctor is allowed to prescribe hormones. But they aren’t allowed to prescribe hormones for anti-aging. Hormones can only be prescribed to treat medical conditions like low-T. And the simple truth is, most doctors aren’t qualified to recognize and treat the more subtle signs of hormone deficiency.

Hormone deficiency is part of the aging process. If a doctor can identify those hormone deficiencies, you can be treated for them… and the result will be anti-aging!

So how can you find a doctor who really understands the relationship between hormones and aging? It’s isn’t always easy. There are unethical clinics who will jeopardize your health by cutting corners. There are endocrinologists and internists who prescribe hormones but don’t truly understand the big picture. And there are a few clinics who charge you thousands of dollars for unnecessary tests or supplements.

Go to a clinic instead of an individual physician.

A clinic has more resources, more specialists, and more experience. They see thousands of patients who want and need anti-aging therapy. So they are better able to recognize subtle hormone deficiencies and treat them.

Choose a clinic located in the U.S. and avoid online drugs.

This should be a no-brainer. But many people do, in fact, go outside the U.S. to get cheap hormone replacement therapy, especially cheap growth hormones. The potential for abuse is huge. These non-domestic clinics are not regulated or overseen by the FDA. Most of the black market growth hormone you can buy overseas is fake. No good!

Look for membership in A4M and other professional credentials.

You won’t find a doctor who is board-certified by the American Medical Association in anti-aging. The American Medical Association refuses to recognize aging as a medical condition, despite evidence to the contrary. Without getting into the politics of it, this makes it extraordinarily difficult on the consumer to find a qualified specialist.

However, currently 24,000 doctors worldwide are members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), a professional society founded in 1992.  If your doctor is A4M certified, this is a good recommendation that he or she takes anti-aging seriously. The American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM) also issues credentials to medical doctors who have undergone specialty training in anti-aging medicine and related fields. A clinic should always have credentials from both organizations.