Huge Interest In Anti-Aging Pill Drug Trials

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We have reported several times in this blog about the possible benefits of a  new anti-aging pill. It’s actually a diabetes drug called Metformin.

In fact, my colleagues and I in age-management have been using Metformin “off-label” for years to help patients without diabetes better manage their weight, and improve overall health.

Last year those in conventional medicine caught up with us, and the FDA approved to start testing metformin for its supposed life-extending properties in humans. In previous studies, metformin had been shown to increase lifespan in other species. Metformin is the first drug ever to be approved to be tested as an anti-aging pill.

Anti-aging pillThose trials have now been scheduled to begin, and according to the Wall Street Journal, seniors the world over are clamoring to participate in the studies. The research, slated to begin at several university aging centers, will follow 3,000 seniors for six years.

In typical “double blind” fashion, half the seniors involved would get the drug, while the others would receive a placebo.

According to the Journal, as word has leaked out where the research is being conducted, those centers have been inundated with letters from seniors seeking to be participants in this study.

This should come as no surprise, after all, who wouldn’t want to take a pill that could add 5, 10 or more years to your life?

Metformin – Anti-Aging Pill

anti-aging pill benefitsMetformin is a drug that is currently used to treat diabetes. In treating diabetes, Metformin works by suppressing the production of glucose in your liver. It’s been found that in addition to that effect, the drug also increases your cells ability to absorb oxygen.

This additional effect has been found to keep the cells of worms younger and healthier, extending their lifespans to what would be years more in humans. The recently approved Metformin trials are to test to see if metformin can have the same positive impact on the human lifespan.

Again, this comes as no surprise to us in the anti-aging community. Age-management medicine is based in large part on our understanding of “cellular death,” and the “oxygenation theory” of aging. That is why many of our therapies, including diet, exercise and supplementation, are designed to reduce free-radicals and oxygenation. Metformin has been part of that regimen for my qualified patients.

What is oxygenation? Do you know what happens to metal when it is exposed to oxygen for a long time? It rusts and decays. That process is called “oxygenation.” Too much oxygen in the blood, has the same effect on your body. That is what causes us to “decay” like rusting metal.

This is why you hear so much about “antioxidants,” and how foods and supplements “rich in antioxidants” can help you to live a longer healthier life.

The ability of metformin to increase your cell’s proficiency to take in oxygen, makes it kind of a “super-antioxidant” and why conventional medicine believes it may have stumbled upon its first possible anti-aging pill.

Of particular interest, and why so many have been beating down the doors to the clinics that will be running the trials, is that the researchers believe that metformin may not only increase lifespan, but may also stave off Alzheimer’s and age-related dementia. Many of the letters received by the researchers were from seniors whose greatest fear is developing Alzheimer’s.

Anti-Aging With Metformin

Anti-aging pillThe same properties that make Metformin a successful treatment for diabetes, also make it an effective treatment for insulin resistance and to aid in weight loss. These same interactions with cells on a molecular level, is what may prove that Metformin is a real anti-aging pill.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, if metformin has been used to treat diabetes for a while now, what about those patients that have taken it for that? Have they shown any signs of living longer? Good question! And, the answer is yes!

A British study, published in 2014, found that diabetics on metformin on average lived longer than their supposed healthier contemporaries who were disease free! It was the results of that study, which largely paved the way for the approval of the US trials.

You do not have to wait for the drawn-out process of clinical trials and FDA approval to test out this anti-aging pill. At HealthGAINS we are seeing patients right now who are using metformin as part of an overall program to age optimally.

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