Scientists Reverse Aging in Human Cells for the First Time

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There are many approaches to reverse aging. However, if there is one common goal across all the disciplines working on extending longevity, it is finding a way to stop the aging process.

Not too long ago, that was an idea restricted to legends or science fiction. However, scientists in Japan may have recently demonstrated the ability to arrest and reverse aging in a human cell, for the first time in medical history.

The secret lies in rethinking one of the fundamental theories on why we age.

Mitochondria – the Key to Reverse Aging

The mitochondria is the “power source” for any given cell in the body. Through metabolic processes it provides the energy a cell needs to live and operate.

reverse aging with mitochondria.The “mitochondrial theory” of aging, postulates that all aging occurs due to cellular death as the mitochondria starts to function less efficiently over time. This decrease in energy creation by the mitochondria is a known fact, and does eventually lead to cellular death.

However, up until a recent discovery by researchers with the University of Tsukuba in Japan, it was always believed this degradation of the mitochondria was due to progressive mutations in cellular DNA. The Tsukuba group found this was not to be the case.

Instead, they discovered that the DNA of “old cells” was not significantly different than that of the DNA of “young cells.” This led them to conclude that decreased mitochondrial function was caused by external factors  rather than genetic factors.

This meant if the mitochondrial DNA was intact, the cells could theoretically be repaired which would reverse aging.

Everything Old is New Again

These external factors are usually proteins that attach to the DNA. These proteins, along with specific DNA code, contribute to how stem cells differentiate into specific types of cells.

But these proteins can also cause “damage” to the DNA, which we see as “aging.” The scientists believed that by removing the damaging factors, they could revert the “old cells” back to stem cells, and thus reverse aging in these cells.

That is exactly what they did. When they looked at the site of the damage, it was related in almost all cases to the areas within the mitochondria responsible for the production of the amino acid glycine.

When the researchers bathed 97 year old human cells with glycine, “it restored the mitochondria’s ability to produce energy and reversed some age related defects.”

The scientists were quick to point out that their results were only on “cell lines” derived from people of advanced age. Although, they are excited about testing their theories on living humans, and seeing if the outcome would reverse aging.

Physician Guided Age Management

There continues to be promising research that can reverse aging coming from labs and medical centers the world over.

I am confident that we will very soon, see that elusive breakthrough in longevity research that will radically extend human lifespan.

Until that happens, I am proud to do my part in offering the state-of-the-art in physician guided age management. There are many things you can do right now to help you live, longer, stronger, and better.

These include the obvious that you have heard over and over again such as eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly. But, working with an age-management professional encompasses so much more.

First of all, physician guided age-management is the cutting edge of “individualized medicine.” We take a holistic approach to age optimization tailored specifically to your genetic potential, as well as your unique lifestyle.

Working together we will develop a program to help you be your best at any age that will include lifestyle and behavior medication, along with evidence-based medical interventions such as:

The goal of age-management is more than just to make you look younger. It is a personalized and comprehensive approach to add years to life, as well as life to your years.

Have you or anyone you know tried any “age management” treatments? What were the results?

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