Regenerative Researcher Works to Extend Lifespan

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Want to extend lifespan? Well, Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov, director of the UK-based Biogerontology Research Foundation believes that he will extend his lifespan and live to the ripe old age of 150!

Dr. Zhavoronkov points out that in the industrialized world, life expectancy continues to increase, it has just been raised to 74 in the UK. He credits such increases with the widespread use of antibiotics and other medical advances.

Zhavoronkov’s research is focused on developing drugs and other methodologies that can reverse the cellular degradation associated with aging and extend lifespan.

Is aging all in your head?

extend lifespan - Dr. Z plans to live to 150Zhavoronkov is plunging head first into developing medical interventions to extend lifespan and live to 150. He says he truly believes that “growing old” is more psychological than physical.

He says, that for generations people have developed a prevailing attitude that their usefulness ends at their child bearing years. Centuries ago, this may have been true.

Older people who believed their “time was up” made way for younger stronger members of society to “improve the herd.”

Today, modern medicine has moved to radically extend lifespan. The elderly members of society no longer need to compete for resources with the younger. However, our brain patterns have yet to accept that we can live useful and productive lives into our 80’s, 90’s, or beyond.

He is convinced that right now, a man or woman in his or her 70’s, that is in relatively good health, and maintains the right attitude, has a clear shot at living to 150.

By believing they are strong, healthy and vital, they will be more likely to benefit from pharmaceutical and genetic optimal aging solutions that are just around the corner.

How to Extend Lifespan:

Whether Dr. Z will make good on his vow to extend lifespan and live to 150, remains to be seen, and I hope that I am one of us who lives long enough to see it!

I do however, strongly believe there are amazing breakthroughs in regenerative medicine just over the horizon. In the meantime there is a lot you can do right now to extend lifespan!

The most important thing you can do is take advantage of every effective treatment or technique we know of right now to keep yourself at your peak performance. This way, as Zhavoronkov suggests, when one of these breakthrough techniques becomes available, you will be healthy enough to benefit from it.

So what does that mean? Here is what you should do.

  • Caloric Reduction  –
    • breakfast-foods-for-menThe single most important thing you can do to extend lifespan is to reduce the number of calories you eat
  • Eat well, avoid processed, artificial, and chemical filled foods
  • Exercise regularly
  • Stress Management
  • Hormone Optimization
  • Sexual Wellness Treatments
  • Supplement as appropriate to make up for what you are missing in your diet.
  • Work with age-management professionals to:
    • Develop a comprehensive, integrated health and wellness program, customized to your individual needs.
  • Recognize the value of the Mind-Body connection.

Have you or anyone you know tried any age optimization treatments? What were the results?

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