Hormone Replacement Therapy & Your Love Life

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It’s common to think of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) as a treatment for the physical symptoms of both male and female sexual dysfunction. For men that can be erectile issues, for women, problems with decreased sensitivity, or painful intercourse. However, when it comes to human sexuality, it is not only physical.

Overall sexual wellness encompasses not only your physical ability to perform, but emotional issues such as self-esteem, confidence, and mutual attraction between yourself and your partner. There is increasing evidence that HRT can improve all of these aspects of your relationships.

Women facing menopause know that,

Wildly fluctuating hormones can lead to irritability, mood swings and even depression.

Low testosterone in men, or andropause can bring on similar emotional changes, all of which can be hard on a marriage or other relationship.

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Improve Your Relationships?

By alleviating both the physical, as well as the emotional difficulties that can come when hormone levels are out of balance, Hormone Replacement Therapy can improve your intimate relationships, in and outside of the bedroom.

Hormone therapy for women remains the most effective way to treat the symptoms of menopause, particularly those involving sexual wellness and female sexual dysfunction (FSD). The most effective form of HRT uses bioidentical hormones such as estrogen, to restore hormonal balances within the body, allowing women with mild to severe pre-menopausal or menopausal symptoms to resume a normal lifestyle and healthier, happier relationships.

Hormones & Sexual Health

Often, with the onset of hormonal issues in either sex, partners in a long-term relationship may not understand, or can find it hard to accept the changes in what was once a happy and healthy sex life.

Realizing that it is not your partner’s “fault” and that there is help available, can be the first step to returning to the better days of your relationship. Partners who show compassion and concern can help to keep the relationship healthy by providing reassurance, support and encouragement.The old sparks are still burning, HRT can return them to a flame!

84% of women in a recent survey reported that it is important to continue an active sex life into older age.

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Your Love LifeEven though in recent years we have become much more open about sensitive health issues, many people, women in particular, still feel embarrassed to seek help when things are not quite right with their sex lives.

Do not be embarrassed, and do not suffer in silence. For women who are experiencing pain upon intercourse, decreased sensitivity, or any other vaginal issue that is impacting sexual wellness, or for men with any erectile issues, HRT may be the answer.

HRT in general is one of our most effective treatments for sexual wellness. However, HRT as practiced by age management doctors today is more about overall “lifestyle enhancement.”

Yes, we can use HRT to help men and women regain their performance and confidence in the bedroom. But, we are just as interested in using it as part of an overall interventional wellness program, designed to invigorate every aspect of your life and your relationships.

How To Start Hormone Therapy

With that in mind however, it is extremely important that you work with, and seek your HRT treatments only from well-qualified and experienced medical professionals who are up on the latest studies. They should also understand the concepts of bringing all of your hormones back to the right balance for your individual needs and goals.

Once your symptoms, and hormone levels are properly evaluated, through sophisticated testing and diagnosis, you may benefit from HRT. Or you may also benefit from new and emerging, all natural treatments for lifestyle enhancement such as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, or a combination of therapies.

As we get older, we do not lose the capacity to love, stay in love, or fall in love. Now, medical science is also ensuring that we can continue to “make love” for as long as we would like as well.