Former Navy SEAL Thanks Dr. Gaines for Peak Performance!

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don mann former navy seal team 6 member

Meet Don Mann. Don was a member of the celebrated SEAL Team Six, best known for taking down Osama Bin Laden and has recently achieved his peak performance thanks to Dr. Gaines.

At 58, Don is retired, but he has still reached his peak performance. He is a champion tri-athlete, endurance runner, and fitness instructor.  He is also a Patient of HealthGAINS. Don has been on a customized testosterone optimization program since May of 2015, that’s about three months as of this writing. Recently he said this about his HealthGAINS program:

I would like to thank Doctor Gaines and his incredible team at HealthGAINS for all they have done in helping me reach my peak performance and my maximum genetic potential. Since I have been following the prescribed program and supplements, I have been feeling much fitter, stronger, I have more energy and stamina and my ability to focus on work and other tasks have improved in great measures. Last week I went to Colorado and climbed four 14,000 foot mountains in 2-days and felt great! My recovery time was much faster than normal and I never felt so strong in the mountains. – Don Mann

In a recent radio interview, with former Miami Dolphin, Jimmy Cefalo, when asked what impressed him most about Dr. Gaines and HealthGAINS, Don said:

“His Program is scientific and evidence based. There are no false claims, or over promises made. He delivers! The effectiveness of Dr. Gaines’ testosterone optimization program is well documented. I can attest to its safety, there aren’t any side-effects… but most importantly, he and his team take the time to listen to the patient’s concerns and needs.”

Achieve Your Peak Performance

You do not have to be a former Navy SEAL to achieve peak performance. All you need is testosterone optimization through the use of bioidentical hormone replacementJust like Don, if you qualify for testosterone optimization, you will be put on a customized program that will lead you on the path to peak performance.

As Don has come to know over these past few months, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement is a very safe and effective way of treating the symptoms of low testosterone.

don mann peak performanceMen such as Don who have received bioidentical testosterone optimization, experience:

  • An overall increase in strength and vitality
  • Better sleep
  • A reduction of belly fat and increased muscle mass
  • Improved bone density
  • Improved ability to think more clearly and focus more
  • Improved mood, lessened irritability, less depression and anxiety
  • Increases in libido and sexual performance

The benefits of testosterone replacement are real, and can be life changing! As Don said to me during our most recent follow-up visit, “I am feeling strong as an ox! and I feel stronger now than I have in close to 15 years.”


You can find out a lot more about hormone optimization, and many other ways to achieve peak performance in my newly published full-length book, Great Gains for Life.



Have you or anyone you know tried testosterone replacement treatments? What were the results?

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