Dr. Gaines Releases New Book on Living Longer and Stronger

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I am thrilled to announce Dr. Gaines’ new book! His first full-length book is called: Great Gains for Life: Your Operator’s Manual for a Lifetime of Health, Happiness, and Vitality.

According to Dr. Gaines, “Historically speaking, reaching old age is a feat that should be celebrated, but in today’s world most people see it as something to stave off for as long as possible. But what if aging doesn’t have to debilitate you?”

 I have written this book to be your personal instruction manual for living happier and healthier well into your middle age and beyond.

Dr. gaines writes new bookAt the age of 61, Dr. Gaines recently came in first place in a 5K run. He hang-glides, skydives, kiteboards, rock climbs, and extreme skis. He does not let his age keep him from living his life to the fullest. He has written this new book to create a roadmap for anyone who wishes to do the same.

His new book offers 15 comprehensive chapters that takes the reader through the latest scientific theories about how and why we age. It also offers practical advice on fitness, diet, and lifestyle changes designed to have you feel, look, and perform your best at any age.

As Dr. Gaines writes in his new book:

You know that no machine lasts forever. Parts can wear out, and efficiency decreases over time. However, just like any machine, you can keep your body running long after the “manufacturer’s warranty” – if you take the proper steps to minimize breakdown, and maximize performance. There are things you can do right now, to not only live longer, but live better — feeling good, looking good, and remaining sexually active and attractive well into your 60s, 70s and beyond.

What Will I Find in His New Book?

New Book by Dr. GainesAlmost as important as what you will find in this new book, is what you won’t find. You won’t find any fad diets, gimmicks or gizmos, short cuts or “miracle cures.” You won’t find any language that talks down to you, or makes you feel guilty for your current lifestyle.

What you will find is a roadmap for healthy living, in chapters that span topics such as, “Is your doctor keeping you sick?” to the “Cellular Revolution” in medicine.

In simple, engaging and easy to read language. Dr. Gaines transforms the latest scientific research into practical tips and techniques for optimal aging based on both his professional expertise and personal experience.

Physician Guided Age Management

Aging is inevitable, but how you age is up to you. With the right choices, you can stay strong, healthy, and vibrant well into your middle-age and beyond.

Dr. Gaines’ new book, Great Gains for Life, is your personal guide to being your best self at any age.

Has Dr. Gaines found the proverbial Fountain of Youth? No, but he does believe the ideas and practical techniques outlined in Great Gains for Life could have people living to 120 or more within our lifetimes. More importantly than how long you live, is how well you will live, and I can tell you that the information in this book can help you to look and feel your best at any age.

Dr. Gaines is very passionate about improving what he refers to, not as “lifespan,” but “healthspan,” and you will find that passion on every page of this book.

I once asked Dr. Gaines what does he hope they are saying about him, 100 years or more from now? He smiled and said, “I hope they are saying Doc still looks damn good for his age!”


Have you or anyone you know tried any “age management” treatments? What were the results?

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