Does Your Doctor Really Want You to Get Well?

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There was a time when the goal of a physician was to heal, to get you well, and not just to treat your symptoms. That was in the days before a for-profit medical delivery system in this country, and the strangle hold that the pharmaceutical companies have put on mainstream medicine.

I won’t go so far as to say, as some have suggested, that a large portion of my fellow practitioners do not want their patients to get well, because they have a vested interest in you remaining ill. I think the problem is more that most physicians today are not taught how to be the true healers and diagnosticians we once were.

Most mainstream doctors, when presented with a patient with a particular set of symptoms, just reach for their prescription pad, because they really have not been trained to do anything else.

The Cause of Disease

doctor-prescriptionRather than doing anything to find and address the true cause of a disease or condition, conventional medical wisdom and training teaches doctors to give often side-effect laden drugs to cover up the symptoms and just make the patient “feel” better. The patient may feel better, as long as they taking the drug, but is never really “getting better.”

What most mainstream doctors seem to have forgotten is that all diseases, from diabetes to cancer, do not just spontaneously occur. Disease conditions occur gradually over time due to exposure to toxins in the foods we eat, the air we breathe, and water we drink. We give diseases to ourselves, not on purpose, but by the lifestyle choices we make.

No pill is going to reverse those poor decisions, but those of us who practice interventional, or “lifestyle medicine” know that you can prevent and even reverse the course of disease, by making better choices about the way we live, eat, behave, and handle stress.

An Alternative Approach

Often patients come to me tired, out of shape, with decreased sex-drive, or any number of other problems, feeling frustrated by the treatments and results they are given by their conventional physicians.

I always ask them why they feel let down by mainstream medicine.

The most common answers I get are:

  • Too many side-effects with drugs and other conventional treatments
  • Their doctors fail to take the time to understand their particular needs and lifestyle
  • Their doctors put little or no emphasis on prevention
  • Their doctors do not try to make attachments or provide emotional support
  • Their doctors do little or nothing to empower them to take action for their own health and wellness

Not coincidentally, these are the very things that those of us who are certified in anti-aging medicine are taught to do. But it goes beyond that. Most “alternative practitioners” would also adhere to the above needs of their patients. But just treating your patients with compassion and more like whole human beings, is not enough without proven, evidence based practices.

That is what is truly unique and effective about anti-aging, or lifestyle medicine. We do look at you as an individual, we do place an emphasis on diet and exercise, and disease prevention. But we combine that with science, and an understanding of the underlying causes of disease, so we can take a holistic approach to using safe, effective and proven therapies to make you well, and keep you well.

Do you think your doctor wants to keep you sick?

Do you think your doctor sees you as just a set of symptoms and not a whole person?

Would you rather take a pill, or get better through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes?

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