Client Testimonial Pt.1: Carlos “Carluka” Suarez

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Carlos “Carluka” Suarez is a model and soap opera star. Looking to turn his health around, he sought AAG Health’s help at his friend’s suggestion. The results have been life-changing to say the least.

Tired and Overweight

An actor’s life is demanding; preparing for a variety of roles is no picnic. Mr. Suarez’s case was no different. His career was taking a toll on him: chronic fatigue, weight gain and a low sex drive started to creep up.

After a few months of these symptoms, Mr. Suarez spoke with a friend who thought the symptoms sounded like low testosterone. He recommended that Mr. Suarez pay a visit to AAG Health, the leader in hormone therapy. Based in Aventura, Florida, AAG Health has helped thousands of men and women overcome the very symptoms Mr. Suarez was feeling.

The Turning Point

After comprehensive bloodwork and a thorough consultation with Senior Medical Director Christopher Senger, MD, Mr. Suarez started his AAG Health hormone therapy program. He’s a little more than one month into the program and the results speak for themselves:

Combining testosterone therapy with a healthy diet and fitness regimen has transformed Mr. Suarez into a completely different person. Check back for more updates on Mr. Suarez’s progress over the next few months.