10 Great Books to Read on Anti-Aging, HGH and Testosterone Therapy

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We have done the hard work for you. After asking our Medical Advisory Board (whose members are prominent physicians) for advice, we have selected 10 great books to read that discuss at length all aspects of anti-aging and in particular age management medicine.

The Following selection is in no particular order. Each publication offers a great deal of relevant medical and clinical information and also fun, entertaining facts. Some books on this list even appeared on the New York Times Book list when originally published.

Grow Young with HGH

Grow Young with HGH is considered by many as the HGH Bible! This is a practical guide and required reading for all aspects of Human Growth Hormone supplementation through diet, exercise, nutrients, supplements, and hormone replacement therapies. Authors: Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Robert Goldman

The Anti-Aging Revolution: Stopping the Clock

Written by the same tem that wrote Grow Young with HGH, The Anti-Aging Revolution: Stopping the Clock for a Younger, Sexier, Happier You gives a clear understanding of the biological processes involved in aging, the ten body systems where decline first begins and the culprits largely responsible for tripping the clock. Authors: Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Robert Goldman

The AAG Health Guide to Hormone Therapy

In AAG Health’s Guide to Hormone Therapy, you will learn about a variety of topics related to hormone therapy and how it may improve your health, wellness and quality of life. AAG Health’s Guide to Hormone Therapy has dedicated chapters on: hormone therapy for men, what is low T?, hormone therapy for women, potential benefits of HRT, what the experts are saying and many AAG Health patient testimonials and success stories. Author AAG Health & Wellness Medical Advisory Board

Mastering the Life Plan

This NYT bestseller shows you how to look and feel great at any age. If you’re looking for the fountain of youth, this book can help you find it. Written by Dr. Life himself.

The Health Benefits of HGH

The Health Benefits of HGH details information on how to unlock your body’s potential to build muscle and prevent the frailties of advancing age. Discover how Human Growth Hormone has been shown to prolong and renew youthfulness and fitness. Author Aftab J. Ahmed.

The Testosterone Syndrome

The Testosterone Syndrome: The Critical Factor for Energy, Health, and Sexuality – Reversing the Male Menopause by Dr. Eugene Shippen is an excellent read. Dr.Shippen has written a book not only grounded in scientific facts but one that is enjoyable to read. Low testosterone is something every man will face in his life time. This is the book to tell you what to expect and what to do about it. Authors: Dr. Eugene Shippen and William Fryer.

Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones

What if you could really feel better as you get older, or age without illness? What could be better than having your doctor tell you that you have the bones of a twenty-year-old, or the heart of a thirty-year-old? Follow the advice in Ageless, and you’ll discover your own internal fountain of youth! In this NYT chart-topper, Suzanne Somers shows you how to feel younger and sexier than ever.

The Life Plan

The Life Plan by Dr. Jeffery Life can teach you the foundation for better sex, increased muscle tone and other noticeable health benefits. A must-read!

Testosterone for Life

Testosterone for Life by Dr. Abraham Morgantaler examines how testosterone replacement therapy can recharge a man’s vitality, Sex drive, muscle mass, and overall health. Dr. Morgentaler, an internationally recognized expert in sexual medicine and male hormones, shares his secrets for a healthy life. Author: Dr. Morgentaler

Anti-Aging Zone

With his number 1 New York Times bestseller The Zone, Dr. Barry Sears began revolutionizing nutritional thinking in America. Now, his cutting-edge hormonal-control research is elevated to a new level that promises to change forever how we look at aging. Author: Dr. Barry Sears