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Andropause Treatment Plans

Male menopause is a very real issue among aging men. Every guy will see a dip in his testosterone levels as he gets older; this decline is referred to andropause. Not every guy will experience symptoms from low testosterone levels, but those who do no longer have to accept these uncomfortable feelings. With HealthGains’s andropause treatment, things like low sex drive and erectile dysfunction will be relics of the past.

Research suggests that almost half of all men suffer from symptoms of andropause. Are you one of them? You might be if you’re experiencing some of the following symptoms:

  • Constant mood swings
  • Less muscle mass
  • Weight-loss plateaus
  • Hair loss on your body or head
  • Decreased bone mass

This list is not exhaustive, so you may have other symptoms that can be related to andropause. There’s only one way to truly see if low hormone levels are causing you grief: lab work. HealthGains uses comprehensive lab exams - 15, to be exact - to check your testosterone levels and assess your overall health. These tests allow us to pinpoint which hormones are imbalanced and then create an appropriate plan to address the deficiencies.

You and your HealthGains physician will work together to develop a total health plan, which includes hormone therapy, healthy dieting, specific workout regimens and much more. All of our programs are physician supervised to ensure you are complying with the program to get the best results possible. We want to see you succeed.

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