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Grace C. (49 Years Old)

When 49-year-old Grace came to HealthGains with menopausal symptoms, we ordered a full hormone panel to see what was going on. The results arrived, and we noted a hormone deficiency that needed attention.

We got to work. We revamped Grace’s lifestyle to foster better health and get her back to fighting shape. Here at HealthGains, we go beyond hormone injections and other meds. We focus on all aspects of your health.

We started with Grace’s diet. The biggest change to her eating plan was a switch to low-glycemic foods. Low-GI foods with the addition of lean protein helped keep her full and prevented overeating. We also recommended she visit the gym at least 3-4 days a week to stay active.

In terms of hormones, we were prescribed a special cream known as Biest. This compounded bio-identical cream mixes two estrogens. Low-dose testosterone and Human Growth Hormone were also prescribed. After five weeks, Grace came in for some followup tests - and she was happier than ever. Her energy was through the roof, which was a welcome surprise to her family and friends.

It’s been a year since Grace started HRT, and she continues to see results. Her secret? Maintaining the healthy changes that her HealthGains medical professional recommended. They really paid off.

Each HealthGains patient is different. Not everyone will see the same results as Grace. Some people may get results sooner while others will get them later in the program. Because each one of our clients is unique, each of our programs is unique, too.

If you’re ready to be the next HealthGains success story, pick up your phone and dial 1-800-325-1325. You’ll speak to one of our staffers, who will help you get started with the hormone therapy process. We can’t wait to assist you.

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