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HRT Therapy Results

36-Year-Old Matt

To the HealthGains Staff:

I thought I’d write to update you on my results with HRT therapy. So far, so good.

Let’s start with my libido. My sex drive has never been higher. My girlfriend has noticed and is extremely satisfied. We hadn’t had sex in nearly five months so this is a great development. We feel much more connected and closer now that we’re actually having sex regularly. It’s like we’re teens again - so much energy and passion!

Speaking of energy, I have a ton of it. My productivity at work has increased and I’m much perkier throughout the day. I used to experience a lag in energy around the middle of the day, but now I have sustained energy throughout the day. My boss couldn’t be happier. I might just have to ask for a raise soon!

Having more energy has also helped me out in the gym. I had hit a plateau but now that I’m able to run faster and do more reps, I’m starting to see results again. I’ve also noticed that I recover much faster. Even after a rest day, I was pretty sore. That’s not the case anymore - I’m ready to hit the gym again much more quickly.

Focus is another benefit I’ve noticed. Before I used to waste time on video games and other mindless stuff. My free time is now spent absorbing information and reading some good books. This new drive and ambition reminds me of my 20s - it’s great! It’s like I stepped into a time machine and sent myself back 10 years.

I’m only about a month into my hormone therapy, so I’m really excited to see what the future holds. I’ll keep all of you updated as I continue through the hormone replacement therapy program. Thanks for all your help during this process.

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