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The P Shot

The latest penile enhancement and enlargement procedure

PRP Injections for Penis

Named after the Greek god of fertility and protector of male genitalia, the Priapus Shot calls upon naturally occurring hormones and compounds to rejuvenate and enhance the penis.

This treatment, also referred to as P Shot, is an effective and relatively safe treatment option for men with decreased penis function due to erectile dysfunction and various medical conditions. The impact of erection difficulty or lack of erectile firmness/quality spans far deeper than sexual displeasure. Increase your confidence, virility and sexual satisfaction by exploring your options with PRP injections.

P Shots - What Are They?

The thought of injecting fluids into the penis is not an attractive offer for many men. That is, until they learn the pure benefits of PRP procedures. Before delving into the many perks of this penis enlargement and enhancement procedure, let's explore the actual treatment and medicine.

The entire purpose of P shots is to repurpose your own blood and molecules to treat and restore penis function, erection firmness and physical appearance. Derived from platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, from your own blood, specialized physicians found in P shots Miaim wellness centers and other clinics throughout the United States activate PRP cells. Once these cells are primed, they are injected directly into the penis.

The entire PRP procedure, from start-to-finish, takes a minimum of 15 minutes and results are often visible within a week, with the most evident benefits showcasing around the third week. Patients experience very little discomfort as the injection site is numbed to provide maximum comfort.

PRP Procedures - The Key to Youthful Sex

Imagine having the sexual stamina, desire and performance as a young man in his prime. This far-off dream for some can be a reality for all. Patients from P shots Miaim clinics experience benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced Circulation - By introducing and rejuvenating healthy tissue and muscle cells, PRP patients experience enhanced sensitivity and firmer erections due to increased blood flow to the penis.
  • Larger Erections - The increased blood flow also works to expand penis muscle tissue. This expansion results in noticeable penile growth.
  • Increased Sensations - Throughout time, the penis can become desensitized from a myriad of causes. Sensitivity and pleasure are resorted as PRP injections promote the re-growth of nerve endings and tissue sensitivity.

Men who are dissatisfied with the size or function of their penis may find oral medications don't provide the desired sexual boost. While surgery is an option, risks and complications are far too serious. PRP procedures are much less complicated and by utilizing your own plasma cells, risks are reduced while benefits are increased.

Take back control over your sex life and gain regain control over your penis by promoting healthy function. Whether you wish to increase the length and girth of your penis or enhance your sexual pleasure, PRP injections is the solution you've been searching for all along.

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